School May Reopens From September 1

School May Reopens From September 1: Senior Classes

School May Reopens From September 1: The Centre has planned to re-open the school and other educational institutions for senior classes from September 1. Because the very huge loss is only suffered by the school students and especially those who are in 10th and 12th class.

Because they have board exams this time. That’s why the centre is planning to re-open schools from 1 September for only senior students.

The planning of re-opening of schools are discussed by the group of secretaries who are attached to the group of Ministers. And also the Health Minister Mr. Harsh Vardhan present and all the discussions of re-opening of school are headed by him. 

Well, these decisions are pending to be approved by the state government. And it is not fully confirmed that school will be re-open by 1 september. But according to the planning this may be happen.

As I already told you that Health Minister was also there in the meeting so of course schools will re-open with every safety measures.

However, there are no details about the other classes students. Well, recenlty a servey was done and according to that most of the parents are against to sending their childrens to school because of this pandemic.

And centre is arguing that many senior students especially students from wearker sections are suffering with huge loss of studies. So, all this things will be keep in mind and afer that deision will be made. 

However, government is taking many steps for the student education as well as students safety also.


So these are the all updates and the main thing is that School May Reopens From September 1

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