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Roadmap is Missing From New Education Policy 2020: Said Former HRD Minister Pallam Raju

Roadmap is Missing From New Education Policy 2020: As the new education policy, 2020 was launched and announced everyone is expressing their views on that. Some people are in favour and some are in against.

Yesterday on Sunday, 2 August Randeep Surjewala and Pallam Raju shared his views about the New Education Policy 2020. As you know Pallam Raju is the Union Minister of the Human Resource and development.

He said that the new education policy 2020 has missing the implementation of the roadmap and also few things more in against of New Education Policy 2020.

Also, he said that there is no need of launching the new education policy 2020 at this time. Because of this pandemic, there are many issues which the government of India is facing and at this time they have to focus on that.

Also Randeep Sujewala who is the Congress Leader also said this and take the favour of Pallam Raju. They also said that in the new education policy 2020 The contribution of UPA was totally ignored.

Although they targeted many more things about the NEP 2020 like Roadmap is Missing From New Education Policy 2020.

The former HRD minister and the member of Congress Mr. Pallam Raju asked a question to the government of India that Where is the roadmap of the NEP 2020 and how the government of India implement the roadmap and how the resources will be used?

So these much questions are asked by the congress members. Overall they are targeting BJP rulers. And finding our small mistakes.


So these are the statements reports of Mr. Pallam Raju the congress member and the former HRD minister said Roadmap is Missing From New Education Policy 2020.

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