Odisha Reduces Syllabus, Higher Secondary Education : CHSE

Odisha Reduces Syllabus, Higher Secondary Education : CHSE

Odisha Reduces Syllabus, Higher Secondary Education: As we all know that recently Maharashtra and before that many more states reduces the syllabus of many subjects.

Now Odisha also take a step to reduce the syllabus of many subjects of Schools. Due to this pandemic students and schools are facing a huge loss this academic year 2020-2021.

Dr. Pranab Mangaraj who is the Secretary of CHSE sent a letter of every school principal or high authorities. And addressed them about the deduction of the syllabus and the information of the subjects and which topic or chapter will be omitted, that information will be shared through video conferencing.

Recently CBSE also reduced thee syllabus by 30% and many state board. So Odisha state board which is CHSE also takes this step to reduce the burden of every student who are studying under CHSE. This does not confirm that how much syllabus will be reduced and which subjects.

As I told you this information will be given to schools through video conferencing by the CHSE.

Also in the letter, the CHSE secretary told to every school authorities to go through every subject and analyze which portion or which topic can be omitted from the subjects or syllabus.

So this is the great news for the students of Odisha who are studying under state board CHSE.


So these are the all updates and the main thing is that Odisha Reduces Syllabus, Higher Secondary Education

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