No Sale Of Junk Food Within The 50 Meters Of Schools

No Sale Of Junk Food Within The 50 Meters Of Schools: FSSAI

No Sale Of Junk Food Within The 50 Meters Of Schools: Arun Singhal the Chief Executive Officer of the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) has decided to restrict the selling of Junk and Oily food within the 50 meters of the school campus and course schools canteen also not allowed to give oily and junk food to the students.

The decision is taken by FSSAI due to the health and some security issues also. Well, the health of every student is the major responsibility and to make students healthy physically as well as mentally government restrict the selling of Junk Food around them.

This action is taken under the food safety and standard act. School must provide a balanced diet and healthy food to the children through the canteen. This make there health good and learning power strong also. The oily food and salty food also not be given to the school students and to hostels students.

The canteen of every school must have a license form the FSSAI then only they are allowed to open canteen in school. And to ensure this and which food is given by the school the Municipal authorities will do a regular inspection at the school premises and check whether the school is following the instructions or not.

Schools also have to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and should have to promote healthy food and healthy diet among the students.


So these are the all updates and the main thing is that No Sale Of Junk Food Within The 50 Meters Of Schools

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