Subject and Topic-wise NEET 2022 Mock Tests


As given below there are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Chapter-wise Mock Tests of 11th and 12th chapters and We have provided links of mock tests also , so it will be easy for you to attempt each chapter separate.

Mock Tests are made with Negative Marking Scheme. 

i.e. For Each Correct Answer 4 marks & For each incorrect attempt Negative 1 mark 

Results automatically generated by software by calculating Total positive and negative marks.

28-MarUnits & Measurements The Living World + Biological Classification
29-MarMotion in a Straight LineSome Basic Concepts of Chemistry 
30-Mar Structure of AtomPlant Kingdom
31-MarMotion in a Plane Animal Kingdom
1-AprLaws of MotionClassification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 
2-Apr Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureMorphology of Flowering Plants
3-AprWork, Energy and Power Anatomy of Flowering Plants
4-AprSystem of Particles & Rotational MotionStates of Matter 
5-Apr ThermodynamicsStructural Organisation in Animals
6-AprGravitation Cell : The Unit of Life
7-AprMechanical Properties of SolidsEquilibrium 
8-Apr Redox ReactionsBiomolecules
9-AprMechanical Properties of Fluids Cell Cycle and Cell Division
10-AprThermal Properties of MatterHydrogen 
11-Apr The s-Block ElementsTransport in Plants
12-AprThermodynamics Mineral Nutrition
13-AprKinetic Theory of GasesThe p-Block Elements 
14-Apr Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and TechniquesPhotosynthesis in Higher Plants
15-AprOscillation Respiration in Plants
17-Apr Environmental ChemistryPlant Growth and Development
18-AprElectric Charges & Fields Digestion and Absorption
19-AprElectrostatic Potential & CapacitanceThe Solid State 
20-Apr SolutionsBreathing and Exchange of Gases
21-AprCurrent Electricity Body Fluids and Circulation
22-AprMoving Charges & MagnetismElectrochemistry 
23-Apr Chemical KineticsExcretory Products and their Elimination
24-AprMagnetism & Matter Locomotion and Movement
25-AprElectromagnetic InductionSurface Chemistry 
26-Apr General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsNeural Control and Coordination
27-AprAlternating Current Chemical Coordination and Integration
28-AprElectromagnetic WavesThe p-Block Elements 
29-Apr The d-and f-Block ElementsReproduction in Organisms
30-AprRay Optics & Optical Instruments Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
1-MayWave OpticsCoordination Compounds 
2-May Haloalkanes and HaloarenesHuman Reproduction
3-MayDual Nature of Radiation & Matter Reproductive Health
4-MayAtomsAlcohols, Phenols and EthersPrinciples of Inheritance and Variation
5-May Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsMolecular Basis of Inheritance
6-MayNuclei Evolution
7-MaySemiconductor ElectronicsAminesHuman Health and Disease
8-May BiomoleculesStrategies for Enhancement in Food Production + Microbes in Human Welfare
9-May PolymersBiotechnology : Principles and Processes + Applications
10-May Chemistry in Everyday LifeEcology ( Organisms and Populations + Ecosystem + Biodiversity and Conservation + Environmental Issues)
11-MayPhysics Full Length  
12-May Chem Full Length 
13-May  Biology Full Length
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