Subject and Topic-wise MHT CET Past Years Questions’ (PYQ) Mock Tests

As given below there are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology Chapter-wise MHT CET PYQ Mock Tests of 11th and 12th chapters and We have provided links of mock tests also , so it will be easy for you to attempt each chapter separate.

Today's PYQ Tests

 Rotational Dynamics  Solid State  
    Mathematical LogicReproduction in Plants
  Mechanical Properties of Fluids Solutions  
    Matrices Reproduction in Animals
 Kinetic Theory of Gases and RadiationIonic Equilibria  
  Physics Full Length   
   Trigonometric FunctionsInheritance and Variation
  ThermodynamicsChemical Thermodynamics  
   Pair of Straight linesMolecular Basis of Inheritance
   VectorsOrigin and Evolution of Life
 Superposition of WavesChemical Kinetics  
  Chemistry Full Length  
   Line and PlanePlant Water Relation
 Wave OpticsElements of Groups 16, 17 & 18  
   Linear ProgrammingPlant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
 Current ElectricityTransition and Inner Transition Element  
   DifferentiationRespiration and Circulation
 Magnetic Fields due to Electric CurrentCo-ordination Compounds  
   Mathematics Full LengthBiology Full Length
 Magnetic MaterialsHalogen Derivatives 
   Application of DerivativesControl and Co-ordination
 Electromagnetic InductionAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers  
   Integration (Indefinite, Definite & Application of Integration)Human Health and Diseases
 AC CircuitsAldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids  
 Physics Full Length 3Chemistry Full Length 3  
   Differential EquationsEnhancement of Food Production
 Dual Nature of Radiation & MatterAmines  
   Probability DistributionsBiotechnology
 Structure of Atom & NucleiBiomolecules  
   Binomial DistributionOrganisms and Populations

MHT CET 2022 Exam Pattern is released by State CET Cell, Maharashtra with an official notification on the web portal. Approximately, 20% weightage is given to class 11th curriculum and 80% weightage to class 12th curriculum while setting the question paper.

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