MHT CET Past Years Questions' (PYQ) Mock Tests (Subject and Topic-wise)

 As given below there are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology Chapter-wise MHT CET PYQ Mock Tests of 11th and 12th chapters and We have provided links of mock tests also , so it will be easy for you to attempt each chapter separate just clicking on its name. Tests will be released as per given schedule.

29-MarRotational DynamicsSolid StateMathematical LogicReproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
30-MarMechanical Prop of FluidSolutionsMatricesReproduction in Lower and Higher Animals
31-MarKTGIonic EquilibriaTrigonometric FunctionsInheritance and Variation
01-AprThermodynamicsChemical ThermodynamicsPair of Straight LinesMolecular basis of Inheritance
02-AprOscillationsElectrochemistryVectorsOrigin and Evolution of life
03-AprSuperposition of wavesChemical KineticsLine & PlanePlant Water Relation
04-AprWave OpticsElements of groups 16,17 and 18 Linear ProgrammingPlant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
05-AprElectrostatics (12th)Transition and Inner Transition ElementsDifferentiationRespiration and Circulation
06-AprCurrent ElectricityCoordination CompoundsApplication of DerivativesControl and Coordination
07-AprMagnetic field due to currentHalogen DerivativesIntegrationHuman Health and Diseases
08-AprMagnetic MaterialAlcohol, Phenols and EthersDefinite IntegrationEnhancement of food production
09-AprEMIAldehyde, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidApplication of IntegrationBiotechnology
10-AprACAminesDifferential EquationOrganisms and Population
11-AprDual Nature BiomoleculesProbability DistributionEcosystem and Energy Flow
12-AprAtom and NucleiIntroduction to Polymer ChemistryBinomial DistributionBiodiversity conservation and Environmental Issues
13-AprSemiconductors and DevicesGreen Chemistry and Nano ChemistryTrigonometryBiomolecules
14-AprMotion in PlaneSome basic concepts of ChemistryStraight LinesRespiration and Energy Transfer
15-AprLaws of MotionStructure of atomsCircleHuman Nutrition
16-AprGravitationChemical BondingProbabilityExcretion and Osmoregulation
17-AprThermal Properties of MatterRedox reactionsFunction 
18-AprSoundElements of group 1 and 2Complex Numbers 
19-AprOpticsStates of matterPermutations & Combinations 
20-AprElectrostatics (11th)Adsorption and colloidsLimits 
21-AprSemiconductors Basic Principles of organic ChemistryContinuity 
22-Apr HydrocarbonsMeasure of Dispersion 

MHT CET 2023 Exam Pattern is released by State CET Cell, Maharashtra with an official notification on the web portal. Approximately, 20% weightage is given to class 11th curriculum and 80% weightage to class 12th curriculum while setting the question paper.

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