MHT CET 2022 Mock Tests : All Chapter-Wise Tests 11th & 12th

Subject and Topic-wise MHT CET 2022 Mock Tests


As given below there are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology Chapter-wise MHT CET 2022 Mock Tests of 11th and 12th chapters and We have provided links of mock tests also , so it will be easy for you to attempt each chapter separate.

21-MarMotion in PlaneSome Basic concepts of ChemistryTrigonometryBiomolecules
22-MarLaws of MotionStructure of AtomStraight LineRespiration and Energy Transfer
23-MarGravitationChemical BondingCircleHuman Nutrition
24-MarThermal Properties of MatterRedox ReactionsMeasure of DispersionExcretion and Osmoregulation
25-MarSoundElements of Groups 1 and 2ProbabilityReproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
26-MarOpticsStates of MatterComplex NumbersReproduction in Lower and Higher Animals
27-MarElectrostaticsAdsorption and ColloidsPermutations and CombinationInheritance and Variation
28-MarSemiconductors FunctionsMolecular Basis of Inheritance
29-MarRotational DynamicsHydrocarbonsLimits 
30-MarMechanical Properties of FluidsSolid StateMathematical LogicPlant Water Relation
31-MarKTGSolutionsMatricesPlant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
1-AprThermodynamicsIonic EquilibriaTrigonometric FunctionsRespiration and Circulation
2-AprOscillationsChemical ThermodynamicsPair of Straight LinesControl and Co-ordination
3-AprSuperposition of WavesElectrochemistryVectorsHuman Health and Diseases
4-AprWave OpticsChemical KineticsLine and PlaneEnhancement of Food Production
5-AprElectrostaticsElements of Groups 16, 17 and 18Linear ProgrammingBiotechnology
6-AprCurrent ElectricityTransition and Inner Transition ElementsDifferentiationOrganisms and Populations
7-AprMagnetic Fields due to CurrentCoordination CompoundsApplication of DerivativesEcosystem and Energy Flow
8-AprMagnetic MaterialsHalogen DerivativesIndefinite IntegrationBiodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Issues
9-AprElectromagnetic Induction Definite Integration 
10-AprAC CircuitsAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids  
11-AprDual Nature of Radiation & MatterAminesDifferential Equations 
12-AprStructure of Atoms and NucleiBiomoleculesProbability Distributions 
13-Apr Introduction to Polymer ChemistryBinomial Distribution 
14-AprSemiconductor Devices   
15-AprPhysics Full Length   
16-Apr Chemistry Full Length  
17-Apr  Maths Full LengthBiology Full Length

MHT CET 2022 Exam Pattern is released by State CET Cell, Maharashtra with an official notification on the web portal. Approximately, 20% weightage is given to class 11th curriculum and 80% weightage to class 12th curriculum while setting the question paper.

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