MHT CET 2023 Mock Test
All Chapter-Wise Tests 11th & 12th

MHT CET 2023 Mock Test (Chapter-wise)

As given below there are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology Chapter-wise MHT CET 2023 Mock Tests of 11th and 12th chapters and We have provided links of mock tests also, so it will be easy for you to attempt each chapter separate just clicking on its name. Tests will be released as per given schedule.

Date Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology
09-Mar Rotational Dynamics Solid State Mathematical Logic Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
10-Mar Mechanical Properties of Fluids Solutions Matrices Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals
11-Mar KTG Ionic Equilibria Trigonometric Functions Inheritance and Variation
12-Mar Thermodynamics Chemical Thermodynamics Pair of Straight Lines Molecular Basis of Inheritance
13-Mar Oscillations Electrochemistry Vectors
14-Mar Superposition of Waves Chemical Kinetics
Line and Plane
Plant Water Relation
15-Mar Wave Optics Elements of Groups 16, 17 and 18  Linear Programming
Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
16-Mar Electrostatics (12th) Transition and Inner Transition Elements
Respiration and Circulation
17-Mar Current Electricity Coordination Compounds
Application of Derivatives
Control and Co-ordination
18-Mar Magnetic Fields due to Current Halogen Derivatives
Indefinite Integration
Human Health and Diseases
19-Mar Magnetic Materials Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers Definite Integration
Enhancement of Food Production
20-Mar Electromagnetic Induction Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids
Application of Integration Biotechnology
21-Mar AC Circuits Amines
Differential Equations
Organisms and Populations
22-Mar Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter  Biomolecules
Probability Distributions
Ecosystem and Energy Flow
23-Mar Structure of Atoms and Nuclei Introduction to Polymer & Green Chemistry
Binomial Distribution
Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Issues
24-Mar Semiconductor Devices Trigonometry
25-Mar Motion in Plane
Some Basic concepts of Chemistry
Straight Line
Respiration and Energy Transfer
26-Mar Laws of Motion
Structure of Atom
Human Nutrition
27-Mar Gravitation
Chemical Bonding
Excretion and Osmoregulation
28-Mar Thermal Properties of Matter Redox reactions Function  
29-Mar Sound Elements of group 1 and 2 Complex Numbers  
30-Mar Optics States of matter Permutations & Combinations  
31-Mar Electrostatics (11th) Adsorption and colloids Limits  
01-Apr Semiconductors  Basic Principles of organic Chemistry Continuity  
02-Apr   Hydrocarbons Measure of Dispersion  

MHT CET 2023 Exam Pattern is released by State CET Cell, Maharashtra with an official notification on the web portal. Approximately, 20% weightage is given to class 11th curriculum and 80% weightage to class 12th curriculum while setting the question paper.

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