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MHT CET 2021 21st Sep Shift 1 Question Paper PDF & Analysis

MHT CET 2021 21st Sep Shift 1 Exam Analysis :

The exam analysis of MHT CET 2021 21st Sep Shift 1 has been updated here. Overall Difficulty Level , Difficulty Level Distribution subject-wise and Subject-wise Memory Based Questions are updated here.

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Overview of Difficulty Level of 21st Sep 2021 Shift 1 MHT CET 2021

Overall Difficulty Level of Shift 1 Moderate
Difficulty Level of Mathematics Easy to Moderate
Difficulty Level of Physics Moderate (Numerical Based) Most Question from High weightage Chapters
Difficulty Level of Chemistry Easy (Questions from Textbook)
Most Time-Consuming Section Mathematics (Lengthy) Questions From HSC Textbook Miscellenous and Exercise Que
Expected Average No. of Good Marks 80+
Expected No. of Good Marks  140+
Shift 2 21 St Sep  To Be Updated
20 Sep Shift 1 and Shift 2 Question Paper PDFs

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Difficulty Level of Mathematics

Mathematics was lengthy, and 70+ score is easy in this shift. Most of Questions were from State HSC Book 

Difficulty Level of Physics

The difficulty level of Physics was moderate. Most of paper was numerical based.

Difficulty Level of Chemistry 

The difficulty level Of Chemistry was Easy. Most Of paper was easy and less time consuming. 

Memory Based Questions MHT CET 2021 21st Sep Shift 1 :

Rosonmund reaction
Which is secondary alkyl halide
Which are not extensive property
Packing efficiency.. Of bcc….density and ..edge lenth
Homolecptic complex…..spin…
Edge length density
Naming reaction kolbes
Clemmensen synthesis)
2 Kolbe’s oxn catalyst
3) Finklestein rxn > Identify
4) Bromo- U.V.light benzene Predominantly
5) Raoult’s law
6) Identify → Homopolymer
7) Structure of PVC.
8) Glucose xD.
10) Edge length of BCC.

Trigo: (5Q)
(a) Principal & gen. solution
(b)( Sin A+sinB/Sin A-SinB) = (Cos A+ cas B/ COSA-COSB)
=( tan A+ tan B) / (tan A-tan B)
Area under curve: y=x+7 passing through. Point (2,-1)
(3)) Logic:
(6) Transpose: 4A-1²
(+) LPP Graph given find equation
(8) Cartesian Eqª.
wheatstone: Potentiometer
Hydrogen spectrum.
logic gate →nor.
Circuit diag. → Kirchoff’s law
Emi 1 Numerical.
PD Detect piece → T.B

Topics with High Weightage in Mathematics

Name of the Topic Topic No. of Questions
Integration 8-10
Differentiation 5-6
Differential Equations 4-5
Vectors 3-4
Line and Plane 3-4
Pair of straight Lines 2-3
Logic 2
Probability 2
Matrices 2
Binomial Distribution 2
11th Chapters 10

Topics with High Weightage in Physics

Topic Name Topic No. of Questions
Rotational Dynamics 4-5
Magnetic field due to electric current 3
Stationary Waves 3

Topics with High Weightage in Chemistry

Topic Name Topic No. Of Questions
Inorganic Chemistry 5-6
Polymers/Biomolecules 3-4
Solid states / solutions 3-4
Chemical Kinetics/Thermodynamics 3-4

Calculation of MHT CET 2021 Result

The MHT CET entrance examinations will be conducted in multiple shifts which bring out the possibility of difference in difficulty level of question papers sets.

Some candidates may get a relatively tougher set of MHT CET 2021 question papers. In such a case, those candidates who attempt the tougher set of question paper will be able to secure fewer marks compared to the ones who attempted the easier set.

To make sure, the candidates are neither benefitted nor disadvantaged due to the difficulty level of the question paper sets, Normalization method of calculating marks is employed for fair marking practice. A similar method of calculating marks is also employed in several other major entrance examinations such as JEE.

How to Calculate MHT CET 2021 Percentile Score

Based on the candidates’ relative performance appearing for the MHT CET 2020 entrance exam, the authorities will prepare percentile scores. The marks secured by the candidates will be transformed into a scale ranging from 100 to 0. The percentile scores will reflect the percentage of candidates who have scored less than that particular examination score. The percentile score will be calculated up to 5 decimal points to minimum ties.

With the help of the following formula, the Percentile Score of the candidate will be calculated:

(Number of Candidates in Exam with Normalized Marks < The Candidate) *100/The Total Number of candidates in the Exam – Number of Toppers in the Shift

NotePercentage of Marks obtained by the candidates will be different from the Percentile Score.

MHT CET 2021 Merit List

State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, will release the final MHT-CET 2020 merit list in the last week of October 2020. Candidates may check the MHT-CET merit list 2020 online using their application ID and date of birth. In the final merit list of MHT-CET, the name of shortlisted candidates and their overall ranks will be mentioned. Based on the marks obtained by the candidates in the MHT CET 2020 exam, the concerned authorities will release the merit list of the MHT CET 2020 entrance exam. Based on the merit obtained by the candidates in the entrance exam of MHT CET 2020, they will be invited to attend the MHT CET 2020 counseling process for the allocation of seats.

State Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra releases the MHT-CET provisional merit list in June, and the candidates have an option to submit their grievances (if any). The final merit list of MHT CET is prepared after taking all the feedback and grievances into account.

Based on the ranks secured in the final merit list of MHT-CET 2020, the seat allotment will be done for admission in Maharashtra’s colleges. Seats will be allotted first to those with higher ranks and, therefore, such candidates will have higher chances of getting access to their desired course and college.

Tie-Breaking Policy for MHT CET 2021

In a scenario where two or more candidates obtain an equal number of marks, an MHT CET 2021 tie-breaking policy will be employed to determine who will get admission first. Following are the details regarding the MHT CET 2021 tie-breaking policy:

  • Candidates with minimum incorrect attempts in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology will be given first preference
  • Candidates with the least number of wrong attempts Mathematics/Biology will be preferred
  • Candidates with less number of wrong attempts in Chemistry will have an advantage
  • Those candidates will be prioritized who have secured better marks in the Class XII examination
  • Older candidates will be given preference

MHT CET Previous Year Question Papers

Solving MHT-CET previous years’ question papers/sample paper is one of the best sources for the exam. By practicing MHT CET sample papers/last years’ question papers, candidates can understand the MHT CET 2020 exam pattern, difficulty level, etc. therefore, candidates planning to take MHT CET are advised to practice previous year question papers and attempt MHT CET 2020 mock tests once they are through with the exam preparation. After taking MHT CET last years’ question papers/sample paper, candidates can analyze their performance level in all sections. They can know the strong and weak areas so that candidates can revise the topics in which they are vulnerable.

Download MHT CET Past Year Papers : Click Here

MHT CET 2021 Exam Analysis : Click Here

Advantages of Solving MHT CET Previous Years’ Question Papers/Sample paper

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of solving MHT CET previous years’ question papers/sample paper:

  • With the help of MHT CET’s previous years’ question papers/sample paper, candidates can get an idea of the MHT CET exam pattern, type, and nature of questions asked in the entrance exam. Candidates will also be able to practice different kinds of problems.
  • By taking MHT CET previous years’ question papers/sample paper, candidates can improve their question-solving ability, speed, and time-management skills.
  • Through solving MHT CET last year papers with solutions, candidates can analyze their strong and weak areas.
  • Candidates preparing for the exam can use the MHT CET old question papers as a reference to know the MHT CET previous year papers marking scheme of each section and questions.
  • Most importantly, solving MHT CET sample papers and previous years’ question papers gives the candidates the feel of cracking the actual exam and is the only quality practice source required to face the exams.

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