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Maharashtra State Education Department Reduces 101 Subjects Syllabus. What Education Minister Said?

Maharashtra State Education Department Reduces 101 Subjects Syllabus – The very good news has come recently for all the students of Maharashtra who are studying from Maharashtra State Board.

As we all know some days before CBSE and ICSE reduces the syllabus of students from 1 to class 12. And not only these but also many other state boards also reduces some syllabus to low down the burden on the students.

Well, not much syllabus was reduces. Some topics was omitted from some chapters.

Now the recent news is that Maharashtra also take step and reduces the syllabus of 101 subjects of class 1 to 10. And these subjects also includes language sections or chapters.

However, not full chapter was reduced only some topics has been reduced. Education department of Maharashtra also shared the information that the grammar section has not been omitted. Every school has to teach each and every topic and every chapter of the Grammar book.

As I told you that there are only a few topics which have been removed by the education department from the syllabus those topics are set aside for self-study. And not be taught by teachers.

And also those topics and chapters will not come in exams too.

The Education Minister of Maharashtra Mrs.Varsha Gaikwad said that “All the proposals submitted by the education department of Maharashtra towards the 101 subjects syllabus reduction due to this pandemic has been approved by the Maharashtra Government“.

And if you all want to know that which topic or chapter is omitted from which subject so you have to go MSCERT Portal. There all the information is given about this. Said by the education minister.


So, this is the very great news for the students who are studying under MSCERT or Maharashtra state board as Maharashtra State Education Department Reduces 101 Subjects Syllabus.

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