Last week Revision Tips

Last Week Revision Tips for Board Exam 2023

Hello Dear Students… all of we know that Just a single week remaining for Board Examinations. And we are waiting for it with some happy faces and some worried faces.  Revision is the most important part before examination. If revision is done nicely then you will definitely get a good score in your Exam. Here are 7 important tips for your Last week revision, it will help you a lot to revise your subjects studies and to improve your score in Board Examination (HSC 2023 | CBSE 2023 | ISC 2023). Also this revision helps you to get good score in MHT CET 2023 & NEET 2023

1. Complete decided syllabus before starting revision.

First point is that complete your decided syllabus as early as possible so that you will get sufficient time for revision.  And start revision immediately after completion of syllabus.

2. Do not study those topics which are not studied earlier.

Students generally try to finish whole syllabus just before exam and they do not get time for revision and also get nervous due to studying those topic which are not studied earlier. So never do that. Do not study that topic in the revision session which is not studied at least once earlier.

3. Try to make a ONE PAGE notes.

In last week revision try to make short notes or one page notes. These notes will help you to revise subject the day before the exam. Because revise whole syllabus from textbook or any digest is very difficult on last day of exam.

4. Solve questions during revision (in oral or writing form)

Last week Revision should be done in writing (Derivations/ numerical problems/ reactions), so that it will help you to write accurate answers in final exam.

5. Do not ignore rest.

Most of the students do this mistake during exam period that they reduce their sleeping time for studies. But this can cause health issues in this important time. So dear students please do not do this. You should sleep at least 6.5 hours maximum 8.5 hours daily.(mostly in night). Avoid sleeping in day time.

6. Take a Break while studying.

While studying continuously take a break of 5 minutes after every 2 hours session. It will maintain your concentration power during studies.

7. Do not waste time in any unnecessary things.

Very important thing is that do not waste time in unwanted things like social media, tv, chatting, calls etc. This exam period is very important and sensitive, your wasted time can give  you huge loss in your marks.

Remember all these points during studies and follow them nicely, QuarkSolutions Team wish a huge success ahead…


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