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HRD Ministry New Education Policy 2020 Recent Updates. Ramesh Pokhriyal and Prakash Javedkar.

New Education Policy 2020 Highlights: As you all guys aware about that recently on Wednesday the Union Cabinet has approved the NEP (National Education Policy) in which many changes are made.

Which ultimately beneficial for all the students. And not only this they changed the name of HRD Ministry as Education Ministry. So this is the major updates which Union Cabinet approved.

Now, the news is what HRD Ministers told about this. So regarding the New Education Policy 2020, the education ministers Mr Prakash Javedkar and Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal said that from now for all the educational institution in India there would be only a single regulator.

And also they discontinued the MPhil. And the very great news for all the students is that, E-Courses will be developed very soon in eight regional languages which are mostly used like Hindi, Telugu, etc.

And all these E-Courses will be created by the National Education Technology Forum means (NETF). So that every student can read and learn more efficiently by sitting at home. And this information of E-Course is officially given Mr Amit Khare who is the Higher Education Secretary.

And the another good news for institutions and colleges is that HRD Ministry Document said that Financial Autonomy, Under Graded Autonomy, Academic will be given to the colleges according to the accreditation and the status of the colleges. Also, the statement is that there are around 45,000 affiliated colleges in India and all these facilities will be given to them.

Conclusion on New Education Policy 2020

So, the overall conclusion is that the New Education Policy 2020 will help students in their studies and also every student can take the subject as they want. And also every student judge by their ability and the skills not by the marks.

And another amazing thing is that the committee which suggests these changes on the education system was headed by Kasturiranjan who is the former ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) chief.

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