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FREE MHT CET MOCK TEST! Why Toppers With 99%ile Included This In Their Preparation? – QuarkSolutions

MHT CET is an annual entrance exam conducted by the Government of Maharashtra for various Engineering, Pharmacy, and Agricultural courses. Over 4.6 lakh students appear for MHT CET Examinations every year.

Students try their best of best to get into top colleges of the state, yet not every dream gets fulfilled! 

So we, QuarkSolutions Provide MHT CET Mock Test which aims to make you score higher in MHT CET examinations in order to secure your dream college. 

mht cet mock testWe started our FREE service for 2020 batch in the beginning, more than 20,000 students joined our MHT CET Mock Tests campaign; Large number of them scored higher marks in examinations with an average of more than 80 percentile. One of our Topper Om Khare scored 192 marks in MHT CET 2020, and he is currently studying at the College of Engineering, Pune(COEP).

Why should you attempt MHT CET Mock Test by QuarkSolutions?

Mock tests are crucial for all those students who are appearing in MHT CET Examinations. Just like swinging, sharpening and practicing the sword is important before entering the battlefield, giving mock test is as important before appearing for any exam. That’s what we are trying to say, 

आपने जो अध्ययन किया है उसका अभ्यास किए बिना आप कुछ भी हासिल नहीं कर सकते।
Study makes you intelligent, implementation what you studied makes you Responsible.
As you might have got my point, let’s  talk about mock tests:
  • They are similar trial exams taken before any final exam.
  • It is just like a trailer of a movie before watching a movie. It helps us to assess our preparation. Generally mock tests are prepared by highly experienced teachers, and they follow the same pattern and questions, so it makes us study in the right direction.
  • It is said that “practice makes a man perfect.” So it is one one of the way which leads a student to perfection.

Mock tests are arranged to give students a feel of the real exam. For most of the students about to take a major exam for the first time in their lives, mock tests provide a trial run

They are being placed in the same situation, and feeling the same amount of pressure before the actual exam will inculcate some self-analytical capacity and confidence. Mock test helps reduce pre-exam nervousness, as the candidate has already appeared for a version of the exam before, on the final day, he will be more relaxed.

Most students preparing for MHT CET exams do so in chapters, units, and sections. By the end of it all, they believe they are well prepared to take the exam. But on the final exam day, everything once learned is often forgotten in the flash of a second. This happens because of a tendency to underestimate the toughness of the questions and the scope of the syllabus in a combined way.

If you read toppers testimonials, they have one thing in common that they had included dozens of mock tests in their preparation.

What We Provide Through Our MHT CET Mock Tests

  • We conduct a daily chapter-wise mock test for both PCB and PCM group; the mock test blueprint will be precisely be similar to the actual MHT-CET mock test. ( We are not just conducting simple google forms mock trial, we have worked hard to make possible MHT-CET replica exam)
  • Weekly full-length 3-hour exam for both PCM and PCB
  • Once chapterwise tests series is completed; Series of the Most Important Questions series(chapter-wise) and Past year Questions (PYQs) Chapter-wise is followed.
  • We also provide Analysis of MHT CET; with the help of students, we also offer Memory based questions shift-wise for MHT CET examinations.
  • Moreover on the second hand, we keep updating posts of exam tricks, method of guessing, past year papers PDFs, handwritten notes and latest news.

From Where to Attend Our MHT CET 2022 Mock Test

From This page Students can access MHT CET 2021 Mock Tests. On this page students are provided Schedule for upcoming tests and links for Daily scheduled tests. Not only this but Daily test toppers are also mentioned everyday on this page.

How To Attempt MHT CET Mock Tests?

Students are provided daily test links on the page mentioned above. Click On a particular subject to give tests.

  • Choice and sequence for attempting questions will be as per the convenience of the candidate. 

  • Read each question carefully.
  • Determine the one correct answer out of the four available options given for each question.

  • Each question awards you 1 point.
  • You can end the test any time by clicking “quiz summary>finish quiz.”

  • The mock test will automatically be submitted when the time is up.

  • You can review all questions once again and evaluate your mistakes by clicking “view questions” when the result is displayed.

  • You can apply for Leaderboard when the result is displayed.

  • You can re-attempt the exam as per your wish, yet scores of the first attempt will be recorded!


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