For Ladakh Students Professional Colleges reserved 4% Seats: J&K

For Ladakh Students Professional Colleges reserved 4% Seats: The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has reserved 4% seats of the professional colleges for the Ladakh students.

Because in Ladakh there is not even a single medical or engineering professional college. That’s why the administration decides to reserve 4% seats of professional colleges across the UT for the students of Ladakh and this is for the academic year 2020-2021.

Ladakh has Leh and Kargil district. So both district student can take admissions in professional medical and engineering colleges of Jammu and Kashmir. Also according to the census done in 2011, the Kargil district of Ladakh has 1,42,388 and Leh has 1,47,104 population

But this was the results of very old census now absolutely the population is increased.

This decision of reserving 4% seats of colleges for Ladakh students is taken by the Mr. B V R Subhramanyam. He is the Chief Secretary of the Jammu and Kashmir.

B V R Subrahmanyam also told that 35 seats from the colleges of medical and 24 seats from the colleges of engineering will be deducted from the total number of the seats which are available for the Jammu and Kashmir students. And the remaining seats will be calculated as the reservation for the J&K residents.

Political of the Kargil district has called for the complete shutdown on Wednesday. Well, The people of Ladakh are not happy. Because the total number of reserved seats for Ladakh students are very less. The people of Ladakh said that this reservation of seats for students are too late as well as they are too little.


So overall, For Ladakh Students Professional Colleges reserved 4% Seats by the Jammu and Kashmir. However, the people of Ladakh are not happy because the reservation of seats are very less.

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