When Will Diploma Admissions Starts in Maharashtra? Diploma Admissions in Mumbai

When Will Diploma Admissions Starts in Maharashtra? – Many students in Maharashtra state are waiting for the starting of Diploma Admissions. Surely it will be gonna online. You have to apply for admissions online for diploma.

But the question is when will diploma admissions starts in Maharashtra state. Well, there is no information from the side of the government on the starting of diploma admissions. But it doesn’t mean that the education department is not working on this.

So, on 30 July, 2020 education department of Mumbai gave a letter to all the principals and the high authorities of Diploma colleges. In that letter, it is clearly mentioned that every diploma college has to update all the details of the colleges. Details like every student castes, seats, and other major details and also all the details of college.

There is a process of starting diploma admissions. In which every college has to update their all the details and documents in on the site DTEMAHARASHTRA. This is the official site of Maharashtra government.

So after updating all the details department starts diploma admissions. So, in that letter, the department clearly told that every college has to update their details on their site before 5 August, 2020.

It clearly means that till 5 august every college update their details and then the further process will start.

So clearly you have to wait some more days because the possibility of starting the Diploma admissions is after 5 of august.


So, at last, the conclusion is you have to wait some more days for Diploma Admissions Starts in Maharashtra. And these admissions will be held online. So that every student can apply without going anywhere.

Maharashtra Government or Education Department of Maharashtra is continuously working for the welfare of each and every student.

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