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Prof. Rakesh D Gosavi - Founder


"QuarkSolutions" is a pure education platform build for adolescents aimed to enlightened their academic performance.

QuarkSolutions was established by Prof. Rakesh D. Gosavi in Pune and Nashik which provides education to all students in the form of Home Tuitions and Test Series in 2017.
Right after “QuarkSolutions” become online education platform in early 2020 and start providing education in the form of online Test Series and online tuitions. 

QuarkSolutions has started MHT-CET Mock Test First time in India. And providing Free MHT-CET Mock Tests from 2020 right now. 

QuarkSolutions has provided more than 450 Best Quality Mock Tests free of Cost to Lacs of Students for MHT-CET.  And in this way become Best platform for MHT-CET Mock Tests.

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Feedback Of Students Of MHT CET Mock Test

Firstly, Thank you for providing free MHT-CET Mock tests. I really appreciate your teamwork. I am use to solve your daily mock tests which are really helpful for my preparation during this pandemic .This mock tests really benefitted me, your daily mock tests are so challenging for me and I accept that challenge to score my best in daily tests. I liked the best feature that during tests I am knowing the actual time which I have taken to solve test . Thank you!
pcb topper
Deepti Ringane
"Thank you for your continuous support for providing tests. I really appreciate your help that you are giving. The test is going smoothly and successfully and the questions of the test being very useful and benefited for my preparation. Your test is challenging for me to increase score and make improvement in study day by day"...
!! Thank You !!
Priya Vishwakarma
Let me appreciate all efforts put in by entire team to successfully complete the examination. I'm very thankful to all of you for entire support during the examination. I'm able to execute your Online Exam Process with secure browsers seamlessly. Thanks once again.
Shubham suryawanshi
Level of mock test is same as MHT-CET level. weightage of chapters is also same, website is not confusing, it is easy to handle. There is no other disturbance so we give a mock test more effectively . Thanks for everything🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Shreya wazarkar
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