7 Tips for Board Exams First Time in 2023

7 Important Tips for Students Attempting Board Exams First Time in 2023

Students who are attempting Board Exam in 2023 are attempting directly 12th Board Exam first time in their Life. Because of pandemic situation 10th exam was not conducted. Here are 7 Important tips preparation of Board Exam 2023

1. Do not get panic

Many students waste their precious time in overthinking. So we request students that they do not get panic and do not overthink about the Exam. This is your first exam. There are so many exams are going to come in your Life. Be a warrior.

2. Select the chapters for Study from Index

Make a list and the sequence for revision and study them well.

3. Revise all Study with writing Practice

As you are preparing for Board Examination, answer writing is very much important. So whatever you are studying it should be done in writing practice

4. Study at least five Model Questions Paper or Previous Year Question Paper

After study and revision, you should study and analyze few model question papers and Previous Year Question Paper. You will get idea of question paper pattern and question format from different chapters.

5. Solve 2 Papers daily between 10 to 1 and 2 to 5 or 11 to 2 or 3 to 6.

In next step solve papers like examination by considering time Limit. Solve paper as per Board Exam timings like 10 to 1 and 2 to 5 or 11 to 2 or 3 to 6. It will help you to understand and write paper in that time.

6. Check papers and Find Mistakes

After solving paper, check paper by yourself find mistakes and correct them.

7. Avoid mistakes in Next Paper

Avoid these mistakes in next practice paper. In this way you will write more accurate paper. And you will have a great success ahead.


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